about me

Hi!  My name is Victoria.

I am an Orthodox Christian wife & mom of three awesome girls.  Our whole family is born and raised in the suburbs of Washington DC.  In this transient town, that’s a rare thing  – to be a local.

For that I count us lucky.

Aside from us, we’ve got a 5 year old black lab, backyard chickens and keep a waxing and waning population of bees in our garden.

We love Church, gardening, spending time with family & friends and cooking!

You might notice that most recipes here begin with a word of encouragement from the Holy Fathers or a quote from Scripture.  If you’ve ever been to an Orthodox Monastery, then you know that mealtime is taken in silence as words from the Holy Fathers or the Synaxarion of the Church are read for our spiritual nourishment.  It is a tradition that is very grounded and sweet, an offering that fortifies the soul as we nourish the body, and a reminder of that which is needful.


Besides all of the recipes and the quotes Nourishing Grace is about seeking Grace, raising families of Faith, cherishing this gift of  life – and living it in the Church.

Our manner of living as Orthodox Christians is to live our lives within the seasons, fasts & feasts and traditions of the Faith.  And, the Orthodox faith, the light of the East, permeates the lives lived within her.  It’s a simpler way yet requires all of you…. and in this busy day and age of traffic and over scheduled lives, that can be a challenge, but it a worthy one!