the least cry of your soul

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Let us have confidence in God, remembrance and love toward Him  The Holy Mountain has shown us that the Grace of God is active everywhere   Do you know what Saint John Damascene calls Divine Grace : a vault of God

There where you are sitting, where for years you have been expecting God and not found Him… He all of a sudden leaps and enters you, embraces you, kisses you and fills you with the breath of His nostrils, with His love, His being, His Trinity!!

It is as easy for God to leap and come into our lives as it is for anyone to jump.

just as He leaps on the peaks of Athos, as Ge gets into the boats, the caves, the crannies… everywhere comprehending the tears and the pains of Athonites, so He comprehends the least cry of your soul, of the souls of all of us.

Elder Aemilianos

of Simonopetra Monastery