small beginnings

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Begin again… every September 1st is the renewal of the Liturgical cycle of the Orthodox Church – this Gladsome Light dawning a new year of Grace.

Redeeming the time.  Seeking Christ.  The Scriptures, Grace, a life of mercy and repentance are not only woven through the Liturgy but throughout the tapestry of our lives.  Just as He pursues us, He wants us to seek Him and He wants to be found with our whole heart.

Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.  He is unchanging, but we are not.  We come to Him new each and every day.  Each day, each year brings its own pain, joy, crosses, mercies and love in our lives and those that surround us.  We are bound together in this time that we have – here and now.

And so, just as the sun rises in the east each morning, Orthodox Christians again and again, celebrate the Feasts of Christ, the Theotokos and the Saints :: from the  Grace pouring forth from a young girls small, lowly but hidden ‘yes’ to the awesome humility of Christ’s glorification.

It seems like such a little way, but is really is a door open to Grace, this beautiful tradition to place an icon of the Theotokos on our doorsteps – ushering in the rhythm of the Church throughout the liturgy and litanies of life.

Always learning and growing.   Last year was the first time we practiced this tradition. I didn’t feel quite right placing her on the ground – something about reverence – so this year I placed Panagia on a wine crate on the front porch.  I’m sure the neighbors are just looking at our porch like ‘huh?’