stretch forth

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“Turning to God means I stretch forth to Him with perseverance.  Why?  Because I’m down here on  earth and He’s in heaven above.  Can I reach Him?  No, I can not ascend.  He must descend in order to find me.”

Elder Aemilianos of Simonopetra

Way of the Spirit (p. 74)



The quote above recalls the image of the icon of the Resurrection.  Repentance – turning to God – is a gift God offers us.  We, each of us, falls every day.  We have not the strength to walk this life of repentance without Him.  He knows this, condescends,  outstretches His Hand, and lift us up.

Repentance is His goodness emptied into the deep heart of man, which in turn, man then offers back unto Him.  It is a never ending cycle of stretching forth and giving.  His self emptying and our self emptying.  The hope of the faithful : God has set His nebulous self-emptying Heart upon man (Job 7:17).


In The Way of the Spirit, Elder Aemilianos, speaks of the timeless wisdom of the Orthodox Faith and the Orthodox experience of God.  He reminds the reader that God is the initiator, speaking to the deep heart within each of us – and the enduring steadfast love of our loving God – our pursuing God – our jealous, humble and self-emptying God.

Truly, He is mindful of us!