fast friendly paleo chocolate delight

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To no longer live exclusively for myself, but for God, also means that I now live for my neighbor, loving him as myself. + Elder Aemilianos of Simonopetra


My kids often want a sweet during Great Lent.  But I also try to keep sugar to a minimum.

Did you know that sugar is actually a toxin to the body,and  robs you of minerals (1 molecule of sugar takes over 50 molecules of magnesium to digest!).  But most relevant to us about sugar, with two in the house recovering from Chronic Lyme, is that sugar is an immune suppressant.  Not only does sugar  compete with vitamin C for valuable space within your white blood cells.  It has been shown that 1 tablespoon of sugar reduces immunity for hours after consumption.

We have modified our fasting for Great Lent – due to the Lyme and some threats from the doctor.   My doctor said that I am so aenimic due to one of the coinfections of the Lyme that she threatened me with IV iron.  (I have resorted to my least favorite food – liver – but just a few bites a day.  It’s all I can bear.  The iron pills were not raising my numbers sufficiently and despite the taste, I feel better after eating the liver.  Just more proof – and in no way strange – that God made always nourishes better than man made.)

Other than that we are mostly adhering to a very vegetarian Paleo diet.


We tried this Super moist orange laden chocolate cake yesterday, which you can find at Strictly Delicious.  It is definitely “strictly delicious” and beyond yummy.   I have to share on their behalf.

Normally I cut back the sugar in every recipe but found it wasn’t necessary to reduce it one bit in this cake.

This dessert is fasting and family friendly.  We will be making it again!