the cross

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When a Christian crosses himself, he is proclaiming Christ’s victory over death and the Devil…  Through the Cross, the love of the Triune God has been revealed  to man.  “The Cross is the Will of God the Father, the glory of the only begotten Son, the exultation of the Holy Spirit.   The Cross is the adornment of angels, the security of the Church, the boast of the Apostle Paul, the wall which protects the Saints, the light of the whole world”.

Christians who believe in Christ make the sign of the Cross upon themselves, not casually and disrespectfully, but with full attention, care, fear and trembling and all devout respect.  For according to the respect each person shows to the Cross, so he receives corresponding strength and help from God.

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From the book The Divine Liturgy :

a Commentary in Light of the Fathers

by Hieromonk Gregorios