eternal joy

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God is the one who gives us joy, and we should ascribe all our joy to Him.  But what about those times when my life is not joyful?  In a word, I am miserable.  We should pity the man who does not feel this joy and this celebration.  He loves only the earth.  He is in love with only rubbish and dung.  He gives God his debris, and when our heart produces only rubbish, it receives very much the same in return from God.

The soul that thirsts for God, on the other hand, is continually bathed in Divine Light.  The face of such a person becomes divinely luminous.  You see him and you ask yourself, could this man be Christ?

Thus the Christian becomes a strange spectacle, a Christ-bearer, a God-bearer, and a Spirit bearer.  He or she reveals the unsurpassable beauty of Christ.  And when Christ suddenly appears, resplendent in all His beauty, He fills one with joy, gladness and sweetness… Something strange takes place within us, something which cannot be grasped by human thought  And how could it be otherwise?  For our “desire for God transcends our desire for the world, and thus it cannot be satisfied by anything in the world”.


Elder Aemilianos of Simonopetra Monastery