a thousand points of light

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“This prayer has been said, and without interruption for two thousand years.   At every moment somewhere on the globe, people are saying those very words which were once uttered by Christ himself.    This is why we have no better path to the heart of Christianity than by this short, and on first observation, simple, prayer. ”  

Father Alexander Schmemman

Such a parallel can be drawn with the Orthodox Liturgy,  because every Sunday, at every moment in every time zone on the globe, the Orthodox Divine Liturgy, this holy and wonderful “work of the people,”  is offered in one voice, the world round.  It is a full twenty four hour cycle of thanksgiving and praise in thousands and thousands of Orthodox Monasteries and Churches.  Each offering the “same” Liturgy in their own tongue and from their own geography.

The Divine Liturgy is Christ in our midst.  It is an encounter with the resurrected Christ.  And, in partaking of the eucharist — the “Bread of Life” — we who are many become one body…  that is the body of Christ and the living Church.

Some call the richness of Orthodox Christian worship ritual, yet intertwined in this sublime Liturgical and spiritual tradition are the threads of living, personal and authentic Christian devotion.

“Blessed is the kingdom of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…” sets the Liturgy in motion.  This is the timeless, honest, and simple fullness of eucharistic praise – in all languages and ethnicities – offered on behalf of all and for all.