begin with Christ – again and again

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begin with Christ

WE ALWAYS, ALWAYS begin with Christ and His Word.  We find in Ephesians ,  “See that you walk circumspectly . . . redeeming the time” (Eph. 5: 15– 16).   That’s our job, to redeem the time.  Christ is our Way and Truth and Life, and in that sense, our Time.   He redeems time through us.  The Orthodox meaning of time gives us the freedom to love, to take the risk to love .   Time and eternity are different; they are not mutually exclusive but complementary. We are not to become timeless but to transfigure time.   Some of our common expressions give us a view into how we can misuse time, such as “killing time” or “wasting time” or even “saving time.”

Albert S Rossi

Becoming A Healing Presence