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free and forgiving

The Lord commands us to love our enemies, not for their sake, but for our own good.   For as long as we wallow in the remembrance of an insult we have suffered from a friend, a neighbor, or a relative, we will have neither peace nor rest.  We must become free from such thoughts.   This means that we must forgive from the heart. Everything must be forgiven.  The peace we feel afterwards brings a sense of well-being, joy, and comfort not only to us but to all who surround us.  Everyone will feel the impact of our thoughts if our thoughts are kind and peaceful. And the opposite is true, as well.

Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives:

the Life and Teachings of Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica


Embrace the counter-intuitive… ask yourself what is normal?

When one sees the violence and hatred going on in the world, even now just outside of our Nation’s Capitol in Baltimore, it’s clear that we have lost touch with what is normal.  Where are the voices of healing?

Normal is not what everyone does, or even what the majority of people are doing.

Normal is the Truth, the Way and the Life.