holy tuesday

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extreme humility 2015

Pascha means passover or passage

Christ is the ultimate fulfillment of Pascha.  He performed the ultimate passage : from death into life, from this “old world” into the new world and new time of the Kingdom.  And He opened the possibility of this passage to us.  Living in “this world,” we can already be “not of this world”.

Here and now, we can be free from slavery to death and sin, and partakers of the world to come.  But for this we must perform our own passage.  We must condemn the old Adam in us.  We must put on Christ in the baptismal death and have our true life hidden in God with Christ in the “world to come”.

Thus Easter is not an annual commemoration – solemn and beautiful – of a past event.  It is this Event itself, shown and given to us, as always efficient, always revealing our world, our time, our life as being at their End and announcing the Beginning of the new life.

The first three days of Holy Week challenges us with this ultimate meaning of Pascha and to prepare us to understand and accept it.

Father Alexander Schmemman