chocolate almond banana pudding

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ingredients choc banana almond pudding

In case you haven’t noticed, we like pudding!

Only three ingredients, it is a raw, vegan and lenten pudding plus a good protein pick me up.  This is a go to lenten snack in our house and the girls love it.  Amazing as it sounds, there is no added sugar, but you will not miss it.  I promise!  The riper the banana the sweeter the flavor – so let your bananas sit on the counter till the peel is really yellow. No mushy bananas for this recipe though, save those for banana bread!

You don’t need to use almond butter.  It will taste just as good with peanut butter, but with so many peanut allergies these days, I have adapted most of our recipes to use other nuts.  You might even want to try to substitute tahini (sesame) butter.  Different, but yummy!

Chocolate Banana Almond Pudding


2 ripe bananas

2 tablespoons cocoa powder

4 tablespoons almond butter (raw or toasted)

Place all ingredients in bowl and mash together.  If you have a large crowd of kids, this doubles triples and quadruples nicely!