palms & hosanna

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Palm Sunday


behold your God

ineffable . inconceivable . untameable .  humble – riding on a foal

the true Light illumining all


Today the faithful greet Him with palms and branches.

Glorious!  Triumphant!  Joy!

This is Holy Week.  Steadfast, we will journey with Christ

together with our friends and families – a community of faith.


The Last Supper. The Betrayal. Trial. Scourging. Denial.

Extreme Humiliation. Rejection. Forgiveness. Voluntary Crucifixion.


We will weep with His Most Holy Mother


chant Lamentations


And together with Joseph and Nicodemus we will beg for His body,

wrap Him in fine linen and place Him in a new tomb.

We will come hand in hand with the myrrbearers to anoint His body and find it is gone.

And on Pascha we will behold the awesome glory of His Resurrection


Great Lent is over and the faithful have emerged

– prepared for this journey through the mystery of Holy Week-

earthly cares and senseless hollow triflings aside


because even during this arduous . solemn . heart-wrenching . brutal yet hopeful path to Golgotha

His burden is easy and His yoke is light

This is Palm Sunday, and  today the faithful – filled with the hope of the Resurrection –

join with the angels & children, singing a song of victory


glory to God

Hosanna in the highest

blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord!


“Palm Sunday is ‘the end of an entire process of preparation, as revealed in the Bible.  It was the end of all that God did for us, and thus this short hour of Christ’s earthly triumph acquires an eternal meaning.

It introduces the reality of the Kingdom into our time, into all hours, and makes this Kingdom the meaning of time and it’s ultimate goal.  The Kingdom was revealed in this world and from that hour.  It’s presence judges and transforms history…

On Palm Sunday, this reality is our own involvement in and our responsibility to the Kingdom of God… And He does not need any “symbols” for He did not die on the Cross that we may eternally “symbolize” His life…If we are not ready to stand by the solemn oath which we renew every year on Palm Sunday, if we do not mean to make the Kingdom of God the measure of our whole life – then meaningless is our commemoration and vain are the branches we take home from Church.’ “

Father Alexander Schmemman