lenten pantry

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Nourishment for the Fast



“it is important to know that the Church considers

the psalms to be an essential spiritual food

for the Lenten season”

Father Alexander Schmemann

Great Lent: A School of Repentance Its Meaning for Orthodox Christians

“…no soul can exist without God, without His Son,

without His Spirit. God is my being, my breath,

my light, my strength, my drink, my food.

He carries me as a mother

carries her infant in her arms.

More than this. Carrying me, my soul and body,

He dwells in me, and is united to me.”


Saint John of Kronstadt

My Life in Christ

This post is dedicated to Libby,  a wonderful woman who has 

been inspiring and organizing the Psalter Prayer Group

with an amazing group of women, for the last ten some years.

Wishing everyone a blessed and spiritually profitable Lent!