Farmer’s Market Parking Only

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Good food should be grown on whole soil, be eaten whole, unprocessed, and garden fresh.   Helen and Scott Nearing


Today is a great day… the return after a very cold winter of our local Farmer’s Market.  It’s been a difficult winter in Virginia for those wishing to eat locally and seasonally.  With temperatures hovering in the 20s fora majority of days per week this winter, there was very little local produce, outside of what had been preserved at the end of the summer.

The asparagus at the farmer’s market is a sure sign that spring is here to stay, and by consuming these light spring vegetables our bodies can also spring clean.  The vegetables making their way to the local farmer’s markets now and in the coming weeks are deliciously sweet, naturally cleansing and help our bodies clear the internal stagnation of our heavy winter foods or from winter’s inactivity.

Salads are the liveliest vegetables we eat. The chlorophyll in green things gives the body the greatest vitality and relays the sun’s forces directly to the inner man. It is the green life-blood of the plant, the giver of strength and energy.   Helen Nearing


Twelve Months of Monastery Salads is a wonderful cookbook full salads and mindful eating.   There are plenty of delicious recipes for all these wonderful cleansing and spring vegetables on hand!   Within the book you will find thoughtful and wonderful quotes to accompany your meal !