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Blessing “the “hands that feed me”…

To bless doesn’t just mean “think good thoughts” or “be nice.”   To bless is far more radical. It is to actually give life, to have one’s cup run over into the lives of others. To have one’s parents’ blessings is to have each of them send you off into life saying  “I see you. I know you are good. I believe in you. I trust you. I am proud of you. May you be fruitful and multiply…”   To bless is to speak from and for and to the divine, as a priest blesses a marriage or christens a baby. To bless is to respect the integrity and mystery of the life of another.”  (Vicki Robin – Blessing the Hands That Feed Us)

In case it’s new to you, kombucha is sugar sweetened tea that is fermented and cultured into a sour tonic drink  that can be double fermented to get a fizzy carbonation in the final beverage.

The fermentation occurs through the work of a community of microorganisms.  Kombucha is cultured into fermented tea through the SCOBY – a rubbery disk that floats atop of the tea and takes the shape of the fermentation vessel.  This is similar to the making of apple cider vinegar – which forms a similar by product known as mother of vinegar.  It’s pretty interesting stuff… and takes some getting used to, but it works!



 Some Russians call kombucha tea kvass.

In recent years kombucha has gone from relative obscurity to top selling health tonic and is now available in most health food chains, including MOMS Organic Market and Whole Foods.

One point of note is that kombucha is not for everyone, and so if it doesn’t agree with you, don’t drink it.  It’s not meant to be guzzled like a tall glass of water.

We’ve started making ours, but in small batches.  Last summer we babysat a friends kombucha brew, which made more than a gallon per brew.  It was too much.

You can find lots of information on brewing kombucha as well as supplies and recipes here: Kombucha Kamp.

We’ve been having fun experimenting with kombucha infused with grapefruit and with ginger.

Grapefruit Infused Kombucha