dinner in a pinch : R-amen!

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“Our hope is that the winter of humanity will gradually be transformed to the bursting forth of love, for it is to this that we are called.” —Jean Vanier

This is becoming another favorite for the evenings when the kids have activities and we are at a pinch for time.  When I was young we used to LOVE ramen noodles.  My brother and I would come home from school and eat the noodles straight from the pack – without even cooking them!  So, this meal is a trip down memory lane.

Now though, as a student of holistic nutrition, the ingredients in your average store-bought ramen present a major culinary impasse.  We just can’t do the ninety nine cent ramen pack- loaded with MSG and lacking any nutritional value.

It’s important for me to nourish my family well, especially during the cold winter months when it’s all too easy to come down with the flu or a cold .  With all that home made broth we’ve stocked in our pantry, we now have an easy canvas for almost anything we can throw together.  Add to that the mineral richness of stock and bone broth, and your getting a great meal with immune boosting properties.

Recently, I discovered Lotus brand foods.  They have a great and fun selection of ramen noodles, with a short but admirable list of ingredients.  There are individual soups, to which you can just add water, but we really like the big packets of ramen noodles.  There are Millet and Brown Ramen,  Forbidden Rice Ramen made with black rice and Jade Pearl Rice.

Lotus Brand Ramen Noodles

A well stocked pantry makes this an easy weeknight meal.  You’ll need some vegetables of your choice, noodles, seasoning and broth.  This recipe is really a framework for whatever you have on hand.  We make it new every time but this serves as a good guide.  You can use anything you have on hand.


super easy R-AMEN! (serves 4)



1 packet Lotus Ramen noodles (4 squares of pressed ramen/ package)

Vegetable of your choice – we used 4 carrots – shredded with a vegetable peeler

a few handfuls greens per bowl- baby spinach, baby kale or even lettuces

6-9 cups chicken, beef, fish or vegetable stock

optional: 1 cup fermented tofu, shredded chicken (we always have leftovers from making broth) or any meat or fish

also optional : wakame seaweed flakes, toasted sesame seeds, sliced green onion, chopped parsley, basil or cilantro, red pepper flakes or hot sauce of your choice     :-)



Unccoked Jade Pearl Ramen


place equal amounts of carrot shavings and greens into each bowl  (about a heaping cupful or two for each serving, they will wilt nicely once you place the hot broth into the bowl).   Really, any vegetable is fine, you can just as easily use red or green peppers, tomatoes, thinly sliced cabbage, sliced fresh green beans, bean  or other sprouts – whatever you have on hand!


greens and vegetables

place ramen noodles and broth into a pot and warm until ramen cooks – about 5 – 10 minutes.  You can also cook the ramen in boiling water.

Ladle ramen noodles and broth distributing evenly between bowls.


For a variation, top with a spoonful of homemade sauerkraut or kimchee for an extra tang!  YUM!  Fry or poach a pasture raised egg and lay it on top of of your soup if your extra hungry.

Serve with a big side salad and you’ve got an easy weeknight meal!