polyface farm

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This is Joel Salatin, owner of Polyface Farm, located right here in Virginia.  He runs a transparent farm… that means he welcomes visitors!  He also keeps it local and won’t raise more animals than his land sustains and so therefore tends a vibrantly healthy livestock which require no daily cocktails of antibiotics or medicines.  They are raised in nature, roaming free ~ where they can forage on the very foods God intended, living peacefully in the very manner God intended, rather than penned up wing to wing without any access to daylight or fresh air.  He sells his food only to those within certain geographical limit of his farm – he says it’s good for the environment because, among other things, it saves fuel.

Thankfully there are farmers like Joel Salatin across this country (most of them sell at farmer’s markets or have local drop off points).  Due to his humane and sustainable method of farming, farmers from across this land come to apprentice on his farm and learn his techniques.  These farmers are feeding the future.

People call Joel Salatin a pioneer, but he just considers himself a lunatic farmer.