late summer bounty

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This late summer time of year has left our Victory Garden looking a little more battered than victorious, but despite the waning summer growth we still managed to pick a great large bowl of summer cantaloupes, english and lemon cucumbers, beautiful tomatoes and some peppers.  And as it goes with the garden, the season of harvest blends with the season of planting.

At some point you make the decision rip out the plants that are not producing or that won’t have time to ripen (a great time to enjoy fried green tomatoes) and prepare the beds for fall planting.  We’ve added our freshly composted soil to the beds, turned them over and sowed several rows of beets and Russian Red Kale which are sure winter producers in Virginia – the kale is also an excellent edible winter cover crop that will become a valuable green manure in the spring.

Upcoming plantings are garlic and carrots.  The garlic is from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, and their garlic always grows fabulous in our garden.

swiss chard

There are swiss chard and cabbages peaking their way through the dirt too..


Thanks to the bees hard work, once these little guys below ripen, we will also have a plentiful tabasco pepper harvest and that means our first batch of Tabasco sauce!

ripening tabasco peppers